About us


In need of companions to discreetly entertain yourself and/ or business associates? Our friendly escort agents will simply consult you, taking record of your needs & preferences, and select the perfect companion/ s for you. We leave nothing to chance, so whatever the occasion, you and your business associates will be delighted and well taken care of.


The social escorts/ models we represent, value their privacy and discretion, therefore we often do not show photos. However a very high standard, of consultation will be carefully done beforehand, to ensure we know exactly what you want. We would rather decline your booking if we cannot help you, then send you unsuitable social escorts/ models.


Our gentlemen/ ladies are always immaculately attired, poised, usually bi- or multi-lingual, and know how to behave so as not to embarrass you or himself/herself in any situation. Our social escorts/ models are carefully selected to be natural beauty. Clean shiny hair, smooth hands and feet, or a beautiful smile are a must.

A priority for our social escorts/ models is to have a fashionable, elegant and discreet wardrobe, from beautiful designer lingerie to elegant high heels, discreet designer outfits, tailored pant suits and evening wear. Our gentlemen/ ladies are also well attired even on less formal occasions or leisure activities. Impeccable manners and conduct are of course, only to be expected.


Our social escorts/ models are of the finest quality companions and not “red light girls” or “call boys”. They are generally singles, (models, students, dancers, office workers, academics & such) looking to meet new people, that love adventure, romance, intimacy and excitement. The service provided by our gentlemen/ ladies is seductive, relaxing and erotic. Our social escorts/ models do, however, tend to shy away from hard S&M/ out-of-the-ordinary requests. The motto is mutual passion and romance.


Each of our social escorts/ models possesses his/ her intimate, erotic, sensual charm. The people in our renowned escort service are self assured, confident and poised without sacrificing their natural personality and never arrogant or pretentious. They revel in their mysterious powers of seduction and exude gentle charm, for example flirting with their eyes, body or their witty conversation skills. Combining all this and you will have your date a truly pleasurable and unforgettable experience.